Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Usage

  • Anonymity: Users remain anonymous until they choose to identify themselves.
  • Data Collected: We collect IP addresses for server administration and demographic statistics.
  • User Registration: To register, users provide contact information (email) and demographic details (gender). This helps us communicate effectively and tailor content to user preferences.

Cookie Policy

  • What are Cookies?: Small text files saved on your device by your web browser.
  • Purpose:
    • Keep users logged in.
    • Customize services based on user preferences.
    • Collect usage statistics to improve the portal’s performance.
  • Types of Cookies:
    • Session Cookies: Deleted when the browser is closed.
    • Persistent Cookies: Remain on your device for a set period.
    • First-Party Cookies: Set by WAY Services Ltd.
    • Third-Party Cookies: Set by external sites (e.g., Google Analytics).
  • User Control: You can block cookies via browser settings, but it might limit some website features.

Information Protection

  • Encryption: Data provided during registration and login is secured using encrypted sessions.
  • Data Security: Personal data, such as passwords, are protected with one-way encryption algorithms.

Information Sharing

  • Public Content: Features like reviews allow users to post content publicly after logging in.
  • Third-Party Disclosure: We do not share personal data with third parties without user consent.

User Rights

  • Profile Management: Users can view, edit, and delete their personal data via their profile page.
  • Further Assistance: Users can contact us in writing for additional help with their personal data.

Freedom of Choice

  • Engagement: Users decide how much information to share. Registration is optional, and users can delete their profile at any time.

Contact and Updates

  • Questions and Feedback: Reach us at for any inquiries or concerns.
  • Policy Updates: Changes to our privacy policy will be communicated on our website.

Data Processing Legal Basis

  • GDPR Compliance: We manage personal data in compliance with GDPR, detailed in Appendix No. 1.

Appendix No. 1: Data Processing Legal Basis and Purposes

  • Service Providers' Data: Processed according to Art. 13 GDPR during account creation.
  • Data Controllers: Both WAY Services Ltd and Service Providers act as individual data controllers.
  • Customer Data:
    • Data necessary for services is shared with Service Providers.
    • Service Providers are responsible for GDPR compliance.
    • Data is processed under an Entrustment Agreement.
  • Data Security: We process personal data to ensure proper service delivery and agreement fulfillment.

Contact Information

  • Data Controller: WAY Services Ltd
    • Phone: +234 810 244 5029
    • Email:
    • Website: Your Way App
  • Data Protection Officer: Contact at

Scope and Legal Basis of Data Processing

  • Data Categories: Includes name, business name, registration number, email, phone number, address, location, IP, date of birth, logo, profile photo, and sample images.
  • Processing Purposes: Contract performance, marketing, profiling, customer research, legal obligations, and development of WAY Services Ltd services.

Profiling and Grouping

  • Purpose: Tailoring services and marketing to user preferences.
  • Data Used: Website activity, geolocation, gender, usage times, and photo analysis.
  • User Control: Users can object to profiling by contacting us.

Data Recipients

  • Entities: Companies within WAY Services Ltd group, authorized entities, and service providers for accounting, IT, marketing, etc.
  • Data Transfer: No transfer outside the European Economic Area.

For more information, please contact us at